Yoga Back Roller and Stretcher Wheel

Yoga Back Roller and Stretcher Wheel

Yoga Back Roller and Stretcher Wheel

A couple of years ago, I began to notice a curious looking circular device showing up regularly in the photos of a bunch of yoga practitioners I follow on Instagram. Sometimes it was just sitting there in the background; other times it was used as a backbend tool/support. Curious (especially since backbends are the category of pose that tends to be the most challenging for me), I decided to do a little internet sleuthing to find out what this magical backbend-enhancing apparatus was.

Wait, what is it exactly?

The Yoga Wheel is the brainchild of Sri Dharma Mittra and his son, Yogi Varuna. (Thanks to its popularity, similar devices such as the Breakin’ a Sweat Yoga Wheel and the Yoga-Yogi Wheel have since emerged.) Though the DYW has gone through a few different incarnations, right now practitioners can choose between the “basic” size wheel, the “mini” (recommended for practitioners under five feet tall), and the “plus” (recommended for practitioners over six feet tall or those who would like to explore “deeper” stretches). Wheels are priced at $29 (basic or mini) or $69 (plus).

Benefits of Using Yoga Wheel

You can also use the wheel to access deeper variations of backbends and improve balance and spine alignment. Poses and should be practiced with caution and in the presence of an experienced Yoga Specialist – please be safe!

Do yourself a favor: Roll on it, lie on it, breathe on it, relax on it, think of the yoga wheel as yoga blocks times 10 to optimally open your shoulders, deepening your stretches and increasing your flexibility.

The yoga wheel will open the sides of your body and create all sorts of space to move. Simply kneel next to the wheel, drape your side over it, and be prepared to lengthen.

Lie on the wheel whichever way feels best and take lots of deep breaths. Reaching for your toes is completely optional!

PsycoFit Yoga Wheel can be used for many different uses, including massage, back care and flexibility, Pilates exercises, yoga back bends and stretches. PsycoFit Yoga Wheel intensifies and strengthens core muscles, and increases stability. Comes with an Instruction Manual.

  • SOFT TPE MATERIAL SURFACE – design and wheel shape as recommended by top personal trainers, massage & physical therapists. Perfect for stretches, perform advanced backbends and handstands, back flexibility, Pilates, yoga, and massage
  • GUARANTEED – To Stretch & Relieve Your Entire Body from stiffness, making your facia supple and agile. Open up you back, chest, shoulders, abdomen, hip flexors and melt away stress and muscle tension
  • YOGA BACK ROLLER AND STRETCHER WHEEL– Add an extra challenge to numerous dharma yoga poses. Strengthens core muscles while toning your body and making back bending accessible to all 
  • INTENSIFIES – And deepens yoga poses and enhances yoga postures
  • INCLUDED WITH YOGA WHEEL – A 34-Pages Instruction Manual

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