Setting Realistic Goals

By losing fat we must also gain muscle mass, setting yourself up with a nutrition plan and a workout program is a great plan to set realistic goals. How many times have you heard friends say that they want to lose 50lbs, in two weeks for a relatives wedding? Then they proceed to starve themselves for those two weeks and lose a few pounds. Even though they never got to their original goal, they view their weight loss as a success. Until they realize that is was actually a failure when they see their bodies drastic reaction to this abuse.

These diets set your bodies up for failure, realistic goals means losing weight slowly with methodical patience as part of a healthy lifestyle plan. Feeling a failure is most likely to trigger a food binge causing the person to regain back all their lost weight and more.

Setting yourself up with a nutrition plan and a workout program

Starvation behavior also forces our body to store food as fat, remember our bodies are a very smart and logical machine. We are comprised of many systems that work in harmony with each other, each relying on the other to do their tasks. Our body metabolism understands regularity, when food does not arrive as expected our body is forced to use itself as a food source.

This is not good, since our body will take its nutritional sources from our own stored proteins and collagen. Our bodies need energy to survive, and eating irregularly forces our body to learn that it must store any food we eat as fat. Now we have developed a problem making it harder or even almost impossible for us to lose weight in the near future.

We can solve this situation, even though it is not a magical solution. We must start re-teaching our body to learn to trust us again, this is the only way that it will stop our bodies being in survival mode. For some people, it can take months for others it may take years of eating regularly. This depends on how long a person have abused our bodies for, but it can be done.

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